The Statistics tool of analysis exposes a sessions fire events in a chart.

Chart View

Chart View

For being able to view a fire event chart, a fire event log file and a configuration file is needed.


Step 1 Specify the fire event log file.
Example: 'P:\c3fire\temp\fire_event.txt'
Step 2 Specify the configuration file.
Example: 'P:\c3fire\temp\configuration-1.con'
Step 3 Press the 'View fire event chart' button.

A value for the path of the fire event log file and the configuration file can be set as default value.
The default values are set in the client configuration file. The parameters to be set are "ChartViewFireLogFile" and "ChartViewSessionConfigFile" , see default values for Analysis in client configuration.

Figure 1. Example on a Chart View user interface.

Now the fire event chart is exposed.
At the list above chart you chooses what event shall be viewed.

Figure 2. List with eligible events.

Alter interface of chart:

It is possible to manipulate the charts interface with buttons on the left side of the chart.

Vertical axis is altered with four buttons:

'Top' button alters the max amount of vertical shoulder, default is 40.

'Bottom' button alters the min amount of vertical shoulder, default is 0.

'Amount marks' button alters how often an amount mark is set, default is 5.

'Set lines' button sets how often a help line is set, default is 1.

Vertical shoulder

Horizontal axis is altered with two buttons:

To 'Period' button is amount of seconds of each period given, default is 60 seconds.

To 'Time marks' button is amount of periods between time marks given, default is 5 marks.

Horizontal shoulder

Output of chart:

It is possible to save the output of chart to a text file.

With 'To Text File' button output of chart is saved as a text file.