Downloads for research or training

If you want to use the system in research or training you can download a free trial version.
In order to be able to download you must have a user name and a pass word. Please e-mail us and we will supply you with username and password so that you can download a free trial of C3Fire on this page.

If this is the first time downloading C3Fire the installation information and the beginner's start will be useful.

C3Fire downloads

2008-06-04 C3Fire 3.2.5 175M
2008-04-29 C3Fire 3.2.4 174M
2008-04-23 C3Fire 3.2.3 174M
2008-01-13 C3Fire 3.2.2 172M
2007-06-04 C3Fire 3.2.1 158M
2007-03-14 C3Fire 3.2.0 149M
2006-06-30 C3Fire 87M
2005-12-22 C3Fire 3.1.3 59M
2005-08-16 C3Fire 3.1.2 57M
2004-08-22 C3Fire 3.1.1 48M
2004-02-20 C3Fire 3.1.0 32M
2004-01-15 C3Fire 3.0.13 30M