User Interface

The user interface for a manager in the C3Fire system is composed of information panels, a controlling panel and the map.

Start Session
Session Control
Pointer Position

Figure 1. Example on a C3Fire managers user interface.

Start Session

All roles of the session must be active before the manager can start the session, see role panel, and all C3Fire clients must be declared "ok" in the "ready window". When this is done start button in session control panel is enabled.
Ready Window

Session Control

Start Starts the session. This can only be done when all participants are ready, as explained above.

Pause Gives the manager a possibility to pause the session. When the session is paused it is possible to start the session again by pressing the start button.

Stop Makes the session stop. All clients are still on the screen and can be viewed but the session can not be started again.

Exit The session is stopped and all C3Fire clients are closed.

Session Control

Time Information

Displays session time.
Time Panel

Role Panel

Displays all participating roles. This includes LongName and IDName of the role, and if the role is free or active.

The background color of role panel is red until all roles, included in the session, are active. When all roles are active the background turns green.

One role is still free.
All roles are active

Wind Information

Displays wind information.

Further information about wind is found at Weather.
Wind Panel

Unit Info

Displays information about fire fighting units. What information to be given is configured in session configuration. By pushing mouse button on a fire fighting unit you alter the information in unit property panel, read more.
Unit Info

Unit Property

Displays information about a firefighting unit. What information to be given about the unit is configurated in session configuration. When pushing mouse button on a firefighting unit in unit info panel you change unit to expose information about, read more.
Unit Property

Map Panel

The map panel gives the manager visual information about the development of the simulation, see simulation. All units are visible as is fire and geographical objects.

Pointer Position Panel

The pointer position panel simply gives the pointers x,y-position when the pointer is at the map panel.